About S4C


Santas for Christ began as a Christmas presentation written by Curt Becker in 1998. 'A Christrnas Claus' helped children understand how many of the symbols used to celebrate the holiday reflect the real 'Reason the Season.' Over the years, additional skits and productions were created to show kids how they, too, be active articipants in sharing God's good will.  Unfortunately, a Thankgiving Christmas basket only lasts a week or so, and toys On Christmas Day rarely last next year. So, after the food and toys are gone, what happens to the hope and joy that Christmas brought?

Prayerful contemplation Of these and other questions led to the creation of Santas for Christ. The organizaiont looks at the resources God places in every community to address those concrns and uses them as a means to show His love throughout the year.

What We Believe

As noted earlier, Santas for Christ began in an effort bridge the gap between the 'modern' trappings of the Christmas season (Santa, trees, and decorations) and the New Testament truths Of Jesus' birth, death, resurrection, and eventual return. This is a message of joy and hope, which should enable chidren to experience one view without losing sight of the true message of the holiday.

Yes, Santa is a major focus of our outreach, but while spreading toys cheer is a large part of the effort during the Christmas season, the real of this group is to individual families and their needs within the community--whether that is within a church, within the city, the county, the state, another state or even around the world!

As our title suggests, this is a Christian organization, but it does not replace a local church, dos not 'preach' any specific interpretation of the Bible, and does not focus on proselytizing or converting. Prayer and Bible study is non-denominational, and partt of the regular meeting agenda as well as the member's individual spiritual growth. Santas for Christ serves as an intermediary in the community, helping join tratitional church missions and ministries to organizations focused on community needs(such as the Lion's Club, Elk's Club, Jaycees, VFW, Red Cross, etc.) as well as city, state, or federal agencies/departments, with the same focus. By example, the organization is intended to both share His love within and without the community, and help local churches satisfy areas to which they are called.

Current Charles County, MD Missions

Pikeville, KY

Mission supports food, shoe, clothing, school supply, and Christmas toy giveaways through Thankful Hearts Inc.—a non-profit leading local efforts to reach families in the 'hollers' Of KY. 

Nanjemoy, MD 

Mission works with several local churches in providig food, clothing, school supplies, summer camps, and Christmas toy and gift distributions.

Romania(Ruth Ministries)

Mission supports orphaned in the area of Herzgova, Romania and who leve ben released from state-run orphanages at age 7. Provides food,  clothing, education and growth opportunities for children until they are of age to work in a trade qualify for educational programs.


If you would like to start a Santas for Christ Charter in your community, here are a few things you shoud consider:

Every S4C Site should have a Christian Santa, whether "real bearded" Or not, but we recognize that you may need to begin the mission without one. If you are a interested in beginning a charter organization but don't have a 'Santa' identified, contact us for further details and options.

The organizational structure 100% voluntary. As a local charter grows and adds missions (such a food distribution warehouse, etc.) there may be a need for paid stock management, but such considerations are unnecessary when beginning.

At the local level, the Santas for Christ Council will be composed of a chairperson, secretary, treasurer, mission coordinator, and mission directors (the number of the latter being determined by the number of mission projects the local S4C branch deems necessary). Additonalty, the local charter should indude representation from three tiers of support structure (church, civic groups, and governmental organizations) that will be working to identiify community shortfalls and appropriate responses. "Santa" my have a role in the Council, but that, too, is not a requirement.

This organization began in a private home--and that can be true in your community as well!